& “The Book of Answers”

This is a sampling of previous works; 2-d, 3-d, installations and “The Book of Answers”.
Drawing, mark making, language, layers, light/shadow, time, space and chance have all played a part in the process and the results. Images are posted from most recent to older works.

Eight is Great

glass, ink, Duralar. 8 x 8″

Three Finds Bees

glass, ink, Duralar. 8 x 8″

Three Thrashes

glass, ink, Duralar. 8 x 8″

Autobiography of a Line
Tacoma Art Museum, Woolworth Windows

paper. 18′ x 35′

Five Slides to the Side

glass, ink, Duralar. 8 x 8″

King County Arts Commission Gallery

250K+ starlight mints and a Thank you Cloud of wrappers.

HorseHead Sculpture Projects

‘Monument’ that vended drawings, answers and poetry through imbedded bubble gum machines. 14′ x 40′ area with benches. Invitational HorseHead Sculpture Project.

The Book of Answers
Hachette Books

Self-published as a part of an installation. It was published by Hyperion, now Hachette Books. This is its 2018 imprint.

Drawing Pools
Myerson & Nowinski Gallery

ink, vellum, glass. 40″ x 10″ x 12″

SOIL Artists Cooperative

DC motors , varying weight and length propellors make “marks” in space and good sounds too. About 12 wigglers- 1″ wide rubber tubing, motors, propellers

16,666 Sixes on 606 Pages
Seattle Pacific Gallery

ink, vellum, binding. 3″ x 12″ x 15″ (closed)