MORE- 2001: this installation at King County Arts Commission covers about 30' x 27' ; there were about 100,000 starlight mints present. In addition to seeing these lovely candy objects as beautiful in and of themselves, I was intriqued with the idea that even this "little, everyday" object might have a larger meaning . I see it as the cycle of giving and receiving. Even a small act such as giving someone a mint can add up to a "pile" of something wonderful: in this case, a "Thank You Cloud" of shiny wrappers topped with the words "Thank You" in starlight mints. What can happen when we give something truly meaningful- what does it "add-up to" in our life? in someone else's life?

There is also an artist book as a part of the installation: "The Little Book of Momintum". On each side of the accordian book are the photographed candy letters: "THANK YOU" and the other side : "MORE PLEASE". I intend for the book to remain open and to be used as a type of visual reminder of our daily desires and intentions. When you are grateful for the place you are ; you display the "thank you" side, when you are longing for more in your life you display the "more please" side.

There are "Momintum" accordian books available for $12.00 + shipping; email me if you're interested.

I invited the public to come in take mints (and to take a pocketful with them!) and walk through peppermint stick alley (the 14' poles that are red & white) eat their mints and add their wrappers to the "Thank You Cloud". The ending pile was about 3' H x 5' D x 15'W. That's many mints in a month.
No Appointment Necessary- 1998: 22' H x 30'W (with nest).

Sculpture was installed as a part of HorseHead Sculpture Project at Sand Point. You could step up and into the nest; it fit about 6 adults. The entire sculpture is made of wood , kitchen chairs and many, many found scraps and sticks to make the nest. The community was invited to bring nesting materials to a nest building party. They brought everything from yard prunings to ribbons and string.

The installation site is very close to a bird migration & flight path - I watched the birds closely while I was installing and one bird inparticular caught my eye and I guess I caught his too. He was homeless parrot, now named "Truman" who ,the night before the show opened, out of exhaustion, flew into the nest . We fed him pizza crust and trail mix. We never found his "owners"- he still lives with me.

Although the nest has since been removed, the piece still remains at this site having been later purchased by the Seattle Arts Commission.

Vend-A-Henge-1999: monument: 14' H X 2' x 2'- the entire area of the installation with benches covered about 50' square.

Sculpture was installed as a part of HorseHead Sculpture Project at Magnusen Park. The monument had three vending machine sides: one was my drawings, another poems by two local poets: Kris Caldwell & Sandra E Jones and the third side was answers from "The Book of Answers".

You could put your quarter in the monument at whichever side you were interested in and receive the monuments response to your inquiry. Or just buy art for a quarter.
This is a busy park for lunch, dog walking or hanging out on the weekend. Vend-A-Henge became a popular spot for hanging out, eating lunch and having your picture taken. Just like every good monument should be. The icing on the cake for me about the public pleasure in this piece was that in a park where so much graffiti was left behind; here was a big open white spot that never got tagged or vandalized, I took that as a great compliment.

Vend-A-Henge was partially funded by Artist Trust.

I Will Not - 5' diameter; chalkboard paint & chalk

I wondered if that old school reprimand of having to write something many times on a chalkboard corrected whatever the "problem" was. So I came up with my own version of "I will not chew gum in class" it turned out to be : "I will not obsess over the things I cannot control"... so far it's not a foolproof remedy.

Waiting- chair, shoes, grass

I installed this piece in a local park. I returned each day to see how my grass was growing.

It feels like this sometimes, waiting for something. Those things that you've done all you can do to make happen ,now all you can do is wait and watch. At times it does feel like long enough that the grass might grow under me .

Esses: A Fictional Dictionary of 'S' Words

The installation included: two text copies of "Esses: The Fictional Dictionary of 'S' Words" in which I invited the visitor to write definitions of the fictional "s" words; dictionaries from each decade of the past century; furniture that made for the feel of a little study; the soundtrack of a typewriter tappity-tapping in the background, lots of pencils/erasers and that great smell of old books from the pages hung for a ceiling.

I an intrigued by the fluidity of how words come in and out of fashion. We are the authors and inventors of our language and the dictionaries seem to be the documentation of what has been.

An Autobiography of a Line: A Self Portrait for 2002

In the Woolworth Windows installation I have used layers of cut out drawing paper that are 12' x 42". The lines, values and volumes are created by the play of the light and its shadows.

"Over and under, around and around, through and between, up and down. Is that the story of the line, the artist or the viewer? Carol Bolt's installation : An Autobiography of a Line: A Self Portrait for 2002 inserts drawings into the space creating a sculptural installation replete with optical relationships. 'Drawing has always been a place to be grounded in my work', says Ms. Bolt. These drawings, installed in layers create three-dimensional visions. The windowpane itself is another layer blurring the line between interior and exterior, the viewers image and the scenes of the city reflecting and adding to the experience."

written by A.McBride curator for Woolworth Windows space in Tacoma ,WA

Shakey-Wigglers - modified dc motors, tubing, propellors

There are 12 pieces of tubing ranging from 5"- 12", all about 1" in diameter. By modifying the motor and propellor each wiggler has its own movement and sound. They chirp, click or swish. Each has a different bounce to its wiggle. It's a comic cast of animated wigglers that also makes wonderfully playful shadows on the walls and floor.

Summmertime Pop-Up - origami paper and packing peanuts; the window is about 12'H x 10'D x10'W

This installation evolved from the drab origami modular pods "growing" from minty green packing peanuts in picture # 1 to a colorful garden of bright origami flowers in pictures # 2 & 3

This installation was planted in the window of the Seattle Art Museum's Sales and Rental Gallery