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3-d projects &

“The Book of Answers”

This is a sampling of 3-d projects that I have made. Humor, drawing/mark making/language, time and space and chance have all played a part in the process and the result.

The Book of Answers

Self-published as a part of an installation with an edition of 130. It was published by Hyperion, now Hachette Books. This is its most recent (2018) cover.


‘Monument’ that vended drawings, answers and poetry through imbedded bubble gum machines. 14′ x 35′ area with benches. Invitational HorseHead Sculpture Project.


250K+ starlight mints and a Thank you Cloud of wrappers. King County Arts Commission Gallery.


DC motors , varying weight and length propellors make “marks” in space and good sounds too. About 12 wigglers- 1″ wide rubber tubing, motors, propellers

Drawing Pools

ink, vellum, glass. 40″ x 10″ x 12″

16,666 Sixes on 606 pages

ink, vellum, binding. 4″ x 12″ x 15″ (closed)

SAy “Hello!”

Seattle and Edmonds WA, USA 98020